The Sirtfood Diet : Beginner’s guide for fast weight loss, burn fat and activates the metabolism with the help of Sirt foods. Includes delicious and healthy recipes for your meal plan. (Paperback)

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Are you tired of the usual diets? Are you looking for a different diet? A diet that allows you to lose weight in a healthy way and at the same time that is sustainable over time?If yes, then keep reading…The Sirtfood diet focuses on ingredients experts say can help you live longer and turbocharge weight loss. These foods are full of components that activate the skinny gene Sirtuins, which in turn revs up your weight loss. Sirtuins are a type of protein involved in regulating important processes such as metabolism and cellular death. The breakthrough for this diet emerged when researchers discovered the benefits of fasting that come from the activation of our Sirtuins gene.