The Sirtfood Diet : How to Activate Your Skinny Gene and Metabolism to Burn Fat. with a 7 Days Meal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss Everyone. (Hardcover)

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Have you ever given up a diet because it was too complicated to follow? Do you have problems maintaining a healthy weight? Do you have an idea about the controversial diet that went crazy on the net nowadays? Don’t mind, the Sirtfood diet is not just a fad, but rather a way of life. The sirtfood diet is a type of weight loss regimen designed to make you consume sirtfoods to activate the sirtuins in your body. Sirtuins are particular proteins responsible for controlling a variety of functions in your body, including metabolism, inflammation, lifespan, and aging. The diet has initially been developed to help promote health and fight disease; the impressive and fantastic weight loss benefits were a surprising and happy bonus. Sirtfood diet is easy to follow because the main ingredients of the diet, sirtfoods are readily available and economically friendly. Moreover, a unique characteristic of this diet is that you will not be restricted from eating your fave food.The present book deals with: – Understanding Sirtfoods and Sirtuins- How Sirtfood Diet Will Work for You- Two Phases of Food Diet- Advantages and Disadvantages of the diet- The Recipes- And much more!Be one of those who enjoy their lives to the fullest and a promoter of living a healthy lifestyle, an agent of change! Click here and grab a copy of this book.