The Undiet Diet : Develop and Achieve Good Health, Well-Being and Permanent Weight Loss

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What is the Undiet Diet? While recovering from a long illness with no cure, I researched long and hard for a cure. The closest thing I discovered was what I created in the Undiet Diet. Within four months (not a projected one year according to doctors) my problem disappeared. Most diets are dropped within two or three weeks of starting them causing weight gain instead of weight loss for the dieter. Most diets are unrealistic by restricting food choices often causing unhealthy bingeing. The Undiet Diet is the alternative to dieting. Step by step I teach you how to replace old, destructive eating habits with new and healthier eating habits. Some of the recipes in this book squash unhealthy cravings within a couple of days. You’ll also see noticeable weight loss in two to three weeks. While exercise is not necessary as you apply the Undiet Diet, it is encouraged in order to build healthy muscle tissue and improve circulation. The Undiet Diet helps you reorganize your kitchen cabinet contents, takes you to the grocery store to replace certain staples with healthier choices and details how to safely clean fruits and vegetables. Simple recipe suggestions are included as well as dining out meal choices.