The YES Bar Vegan Gluten Free Real Food Low Sugar Paleo Snack Bar Dark Chocolate Chip 6 Bars

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World’s Best Tasting Snack Bar. Half the Sugar of an Apple. Grain Free – Each Bar Contains:. 15g Nuts. 5g Protein. 3g Fiber. No GMOs, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy. Gluten Free. Vegan. Plant-Based. Low Glycemic. Keto. 6 – 1.4 oz Bars. My Son was born with so many food sensitivities, I was always having to say “no” to the foods he wanted to try. In frustration and our of love, I went to my kitchen and took out all the ingredients that I could say “yes” to, and made a snack that he could eat. He loved them because they looked and tasted like a cookie. I loved them because of the nutritious, premium quality organic ingredients. From that day on the Yes Bar was born. Join us and share the love! -Abigail. “YES”. To Everything You Want (and no to the things you don’t). Award Winning Taste. We’re pretty sure this is due to our obsession with using only the finest Real Food ingredients. Clean Energy. 15g nuts per bar to keep you full and get you going. Pure Paleo Power. No cane sugar. No cheap stuff. Positive Snacking. YES Bar proudly supports the Heart Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Say YES To Real Food

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