Trace Minerals Research Fiber 14g Orange Tangerine 15 fl oz

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Fast Absorbing. A Gluten-Free Source of Dietary Fiber and Prebiotics to Promote Digestive Fiber and Prebiotics to Promote Digestive Health. Certified Vegan. Gluten Free. No Grit No Psyllium No Mixing. Fiber 14g is a unique blend of inulin fiber and organic acacia fiber from all-natural sources in a convenient great tasting liquid. The fiber content in Fiber 14g comes from inulin, a naturally-occurring fiber derived from chicory roots.Inulin occurs naturally in over 35,000 foods and is beneficial for weight loss and digestive health. Like other dietary fibers, inulin is a natural appetite suppressant that makes you feel fuller without added calories.Plus, fiber also can absorb fat in your digestive tract to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by your body. Inulin is also naturally good for digestive health because its a prebiotic.Prebiotics help boost production of the beneficial cultures that naturally reside in your digestive tract to help aid digestion.These beneficial cultures help support the natural, healthy bacterial balance of the intestines. Fiber 14g also contains organic acacia fiber, a soluble fiber that can help support optimal digestive health and function.Its also a soluble prebiotic fiber capable of increasing good gut flora and reducing occasional indigestion. Diets high in fiber have also been shown to help prevent occasional constipation, support good colon health, and promote and support cardiovascular health. To complete the formula, we supercharged Fiber 14g with Ionic Trace Minerals Complexa concentrated ionic trace mineral from seawater.

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