Vega Sport Protein Powder Berry 19 Servings

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New Look. 30 g Protein. Premium Protein. Helps Build Muscle & Supports Recovery. No Added Sugars | Tart Cherry | 5 g BCAA | 28 CFU Probiotics. Non GMO Project Verified. – Made With -. Real Plant-Based Food Ingredients. Next Level Performance Calls For Next Level Protein. 30 g of plant-based protein frommultisource blend of pea, alfalfa, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seed to help build muscle. Includes 5 g of BCAAs to help repair muscle. Tart Cherry to help support recovery. 2 Billion CFU Probiotics. Vega Sport Nutrition System ///. Fuel your better with Vega’s three-stage performance nutrition system – pre, mid and post workout. Brendan Brazier. Brendan Brazier: Vega Co-founder and original Formulator, former professional ironman triathlete & bestselling author. “Vega grew from my goal: To make plant-based nutrition easier for busy people, since 2004, Vega has become real, plant-based food ingredients together to help you get the nutrition your body wants, without compromise.

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