Vegan Keto Diet 2021: A Beginner Guide For A 100% Plant-Based Ketogenic Diet To Burn Fat, with Delicious Low-Carb Recipes, to Nourish Your Mind and Promote Weight Loss Naturally! (Paperback)

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You’ve tried all the “clean eating” plans online… Gulped down 15 different supplements every morning… And worked your butt off in the gym… But you still look in the mirror and see string bean arms. And no matter how hard you diet, you always seem to have love handles or pockets of fat in unwanted places. Sound familiar?Boost health and wellness with the power of vegan and keto-together, with 90+ delicious low-carb recipes for efficient weight loss!The Vegan Keto Diet 2021 teaches you how to get started and stay motivated, with step-by-step recipes that focus on nuts, seeds, and low-glycemic fruits and vegetables. Featuring everything from breakfast to desserts, this cookbook offers plenty of variety so there’s always something new to try. Eating vegan now includes the full benefits of the ketogenic diet, thanks to dozens of dishes that promote increased energy, better digestion, and more balanced body weight.This book will open your eyes showing a new way of making better food choices and starting a path to a healthier lifestyle.You will find: – Details of the vegan lifestyle- How to get started on a healthy ketogenic diet- Health benefits of keto vegan diet- What to eat and what not to eat on a vegan keto diet- How the vegan and ketogenic diet can easily be combined for success.- Learn how to manage your macro ratio and the importance of micro nutrients.- Answers to frequently asked questions.- More than 90 Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes- …And much much more!A vegan-friendly ketogenic diet is possible-and delicious. In your hands you hold the complete guide to eating meals that are free from animal products but still contain the right high-fat and low-carb nutritional content for achieving ketosis (changing the way your body burns fuel, to aid with health and weight loss).DOESN’T SOUND LIKE SOMETHING YOU WOULD GIVE A TRY?Don’t wait any longer…Scroll Up and Buy Now this Amazing Book!