Vegan Keto Diet Plan For Beginners : The Ultimate Plant Based Ketogenic Guide to Heal Your Body, Boost Energy, Weight Loss And Burn Fat. (Paperback)

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Should You Sacrifice Your Ethics To Lose Weight? With This Diet, This Isn’t Even A Question!Are you looking for an effective and healthy weight loss strategy?Do you want to minimize your risk of diabetes and cancer?Do you care about your heart health?The ketogenic diet is the best answer for many people.This high-fat and extremely low-carb diet gives you body a break from sugar and activates metabolic pathways responsible for rapid fat burn. The keto diet is also known for its mental health benefits and inflammation-reducing, heart-healthy effects.However, most people still can’t imagine the keto diet without bacon and full-fat dairy.But what if you carefully avoid animal products for ethical reasons? Should you make a sacrifice in the name of health and weight loss?The answer is NO.You may sigh with relief now.The Vegan Keto diet is a unique approach that combines the health benefits of keto and plant-based nutrition. This book will show you how it works – and how to make it an effortless part of your lifestyle.Here’s what you’ll discover: The fat-burning power of the ketogenic dietHow to go keto without bacon and cheeseA complete guide to adopting the Vegan Keto lifestyleTempting vegan keto recipes to inspire your cookingAn easy-to-follow two-week meal plan to help you get startedYou might wonder if the Vegan Keto diet is boring and restrictive. However, even a quick glance at the recipe section of the book will make your mouth water. After all, who can resist an Avocado & Dark Chocolate Mousse?Give your body a break from carbs while enjoying your favorite vegan ingredients. Your waistline and your heart will thank you.Scroll up, click on “Buy Now with 1-Click”, and Get Your Copy Now!