Vicks ZzzQuil Night Pain Nighttime Sleep-Aid Pain Reliever Midnight Berry 12 fl oz

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Diphenydramine HCI. Acetaminophen. Fall Asleep Fast. Max Strength Pain Reliever. Non-Habit Forming. Features & Benefits:. Sleep for When Pain Keeps You Up: For the Sound Sleep you want and the Pain Relief you need. Fall Asleep Fast. ZzzQuil Night Pain helps you fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes. Max Strength. For Sleep + Pain so you can feel better and wake refreshed. Non-Habit Forming. ZzzQuil Night Pain contains non-habit forming ingredients: diphenydramine HCI to help you get the sleep you need and Acetaminophen for pain relief. America’s #1 Sleep Brand. From the trusted Sleep Experts at Vicks

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