Vigor Creatine & Strength Formula – Venice Beach

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Arms Race Nutrition Vigor – Venice Beach: An Advanced Creatine And Strength Formula Vigor, Formulated With Proven Ingredients Such A Creatine And Betaine Along With The Cutting-Edge, Trademarked Ingredient Peak02, Is The Ultimate Natural Strength Formula. Key Ingredients In Vigor Have Been Shown To Increase The Anabolic Response To Resistance Exercise, Assist In The Healthy Formation Of Lean Mass, And Increase Key Measures Of Athletic Performance. An Advanced Creatine And Strength Formula Provides 5000 Mg Creatine Monohydrate Per Serving, Which May Help Improve Athletic Performance, And Help Promote Cellular Hydration Creatine Is Converted To Creatine Phosphate Which Helps To Fuel Skeletal Muscles Provides 2500 Mg Betaine Anhydrous Per Serving, Which Has Been Shown To Enhance Athletic Performance

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