Vital Proteins Hydration + Collagen Stick Packs Lemon Lime 7 Stick Packs

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Boosts Skin Hydration. Gluten & Dairy Free. Boosts Collagen Synthesis. Promotes Effective Hydration. Skin, Hair, Nail, Bone& Joint Support. Contains 7 – Stick Packs. Need to up your hydration game? Reach for Vital Proteins Hydration + Collagen, the only electrolyte powder on the market that combines 5g of grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen, 880mg of electrolytes and 1g of functional sugar per serving for effective hydration that complements your routine. Just open, pour & add to cold water for a daily recharge. Benefits:. Effective Hydration: Our balanced blend of nutrients, which includes electrolytes, sodium and functional sugar, was inspired by the World Health Organization’s hydration guidelines that also align with general needs of a natural diet. Oral Rehydration Solution: Prevents and treats dehydration. Wellness Boost: Supports healthy hair, skin, nails and joints

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