Weight Loss After 50 : The Complete Guide on How to Lose Weight Dеsigned Specifically for Mеen and Women Over 50, Including Healthy and Delicious Recipеs (Paperback)

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If you’re over 50 and want to lose weight, keep reading…Everyone of a certain age has followed a new weight loss plan or ten in their lifetime. You probably found success with many of them, then something changed. Life, illness, injuries, personal changes, and physical changes changed how your body responds to a diet and weight loss program.There are many reasons for that, and many simple and effective ways to overcome those obstacles.Weight Loss After 50 is your comprehensive guide to finally conquering your weight loss battle.Filled with easy-to-understand explanations about why you might struggle and tips designed with you, your metabolism, and your stage of life in mind, the information in this book will help you find weight loss success.Each chapter is chockful of information like: The best ways to lose weight fast when you’re over 50Keys to a healthy diet for people over 50Best exercises for people over 50Top anti-aging foods to fit into your dietSimple recipesAnd much more!If you’re ready to make healthy changes in your life, the information in this book is ready to help you head in the right direction.Buy Now and begin your journey to feeling and looking better from the inside out today!