Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery: Your Guide to the First Year After Weight Loss Surgery (Hardcover)

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Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success has found that educated clients have the best long-term success in meeting their individual health goals. When you are educated, you are more likely to actively participate in your plan of care. You will make better decisions regarding your physical care, emotional care, diet and exercise regime. Education is critical to successful decision making before and after surgery. This education textbook is only a portion of your Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery(TM).This educational textbook is a guide to your care after surgery. As part of WMU for WLS(TM), you will receive access through the website to download journaling templates to track your weight loss, specific daily dietary intake, hydration and activity. Journaling is extremely helpful to your overall success. You can track good and bad habits that may be forming and intervene before they become a problem. Bring your journal with you to your visits – especially when you are meeting with the counselors.