Wheybolic Ripped – Chocolate Fudge

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Gnc Amp Wheybolic Ripped – Chocolate Fudge: A Clinically Proven Whey Protein Thermogenic Whether You Use It Before Or After Workouts And Cardio Sessions, Or Even On Non-Training Days And In Between Meals, You Can Rely On Gnc Amp Wheybolic Ripped For Clinically Proven Muscle Strength Support.• With 40G Of Premium, Ultra-Pure, Fast-Digesting Protein Enhanced With 500 Mg Velositol, 6.2 G Leucine And 15 G Of Eaa, This Dietary Supplement Helps Accelerate Muscle Protein Synthesis And Absorption Of Amino Acids^ , So You Can Stay Powered Throughout Your Workout Routine. Proven To Increase Muscle Strength And Size In Just 8 Weeks Proven To Burn 3X More Calories Featuring A Ripped Matrix Reloaded With Caffeine, Capsimax And Niacin Supporting Intense Energy, Mental Focus & Increased Calorie Burning Ideal For Use Before And After Workouts And Cardio Sessions, As Well As On Non-Training Days And Between Meals Pre-Workout: Clinically Proven Support For Strength, Performance & Stamina, Plus Energy & Metabolism Support For Superior Results & Increased Calorie Burning•^ Post-Workout & Cardio: Provides Fast Digesting Whey Isolate & Hydrolysates Plus Leucine To Fuel Muscle & Support Recovery, Plus A Thermogenic Blend Proven To Increase Calorie Burning By 12 Times After Exercise^ Non-Training: Provides High-Quality Protein & Critical Amino Acids To Fuel Muscle While You Recover From Intense Training While Providing Energy & Metabolism Support^ Gluten-Free, Powder Formula With A Chocolate Fudge flavor Easily Mixes With 8 Fl. Oz. Of Water Or Your Favorite Beverage Disclaimers: An 8-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Of 33 Healthy Men Compared The Effectiveness Of This Proprietary Module Of Whey Protein And Leucine Vs. An Isocaloric Carbohydrate Placebo Consumed Before And After Resistance Training. Subjects Consuming The Leucine-Whey Protein Supplement Experienced Greater Increases In Muscle Strength Then Those On The Placebo. Leucine-Whey Protein Supplementation Also Increased Muscle Cross-Sectional Area From Baseline. ^when Used In Conjunction With An Exercise Program. •in An 8-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Of 30 Healthy Male Volunteers Comparing 1 Set Resistance Training (Rt) Active Or Carbohydrate Placebo To 2 Sets Rt Alone With No Supplement, The Active Group Showed Equal Gains In Maximal Muscle Strength And Muscle Endurance Compared To The Control Group. In A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study, 25 Subjects Exercised On A Treadmill On Two Occasions. On One Occasion The Subjects Took The Thermogenic Blend Before Exercise And On The Second Occasion, They Took The Placebo. When The Subjects Took This Blend, They Burned Three Times More Calories Before, 3% More Calories During The 12 Times More Calories After Exercise Compared To When They Took The Placebo.

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