Womens Sauna Sweat Workout Exercise Fitness Weight Loss Hot Slimming Neoprene Full Body Suit Waist Trimmer Fat Burner with Sleeves

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Achieve the perfect hourglass figure with The Neoprene Thermal Body Shaper. This shaper creates a flattering silhouette and provides back support, all while spurring weight loss.The tight-fitting garment creates a cinching effect, and it also traps heat to accelerate perspiration in core areas!If you are one of millions of people that work out for hours but don’t really break a good sweat, get demoralizedand end up quitting…thenSTOPand continue reading!Motivation isKEYin a weight loss program andbreaking a sweat is proof of your effortand compromise with your goals, while helping you to reach them!IDEAL FOR HOT YOGA, ZUMBA, CROSS FIT AND CARDIOThe Body Suit is Super Comfortable and very easy to get in & out of due to the uniquezipper design!STICK TO THE PLAN AND GET MOTIVATED WITH ONE SIMPLE GARMENT THAT CAN MAKE YOU SWEAT UP TO 3 MORE TIMES THAN NORMAL!Get a jump start on your programGet the motivation you needFeel good after each workoutGet rid of excess water weight fastGet rid of skin toxins and prep your body forfat lossIncrease your metabolic rateThe Sauna Suit has two main effects:Creates a sauna effect increasing your core temperature and metabolic rate making you sweatGives your body the compression you need to mold your shape immediately. Flatten your stomach and control the muffin top