Wow! Protein Donuts – Cake Batter – 6 Pack

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wow! Protein Donuts – Cake Batter: Have Your Donut And Eat It Too! There Are Donuts You Want To Dunkand Then There Are Donuts That Are A Slam Dunk. Wow! Protein Donuts Are Baked With 11G Of Protein Per Serving And Pack A Strong Mix Of Macros To Support Your Goals. Enjoy The First High-Protein, Reduced-Calorie Donut^. Leave Guiltand Sticky Fingers From Sugary Frostingbehind. With 130 Calories Or Less And Low In Net Carbs, Melt-Free Wow! Protein Donuts Are A Great Way To Add Some Delicious, Fresh-Baked Donut Taste To Your Regular Snacking Routine. Add More hole Foods To Your Diet. Don’t Deny Yourself A Favorite Treatempower Your Day With Donuts Baked To Help People Lead A Happier, Healthier, Stronger And More Productive Lifestyle. 6 Protein Donuts 11G Protein Per Serving 130 Calories Or Less Convenient, On-The-Go Snack Baked In The Usa ^compared To 1 Krispy Kreme Traditional Cake Doughnut. | Wow! Protein Donuts – Cake Batter – 6 Pack

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