Yearly Fitness Planner: Workout Planner and Diet Log Book, Weight Loss Tracker with Meal Planner Designed to Help You Live Your Healthiest Life, Track Your Goals, Workout, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding (Paperback)

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What if I told you that everything you have been taught about weight loss is COMPLETELY wrong?Well, not everything but you are about to find out what really works for you.This Weight Loss Tracker/Workout Planner/Fitness Meal Journal is your perfect companion on your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.Writing and observing your daily food consumption gives you a better understanding of your body and how food intake affects your weight loss program, with this knowledge you can plan your meal and quantity daily. The Journal also serves as a Workout tracker, it will help you monitor and measure the effectiveness of your workout routine.This trendy, easy to use journal will help you keep track of the following health and fitness activities.Record your food consumption: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.Monitor your daily water intake.Keep track of your daily activity and exercises.Oversee your cravings and how you respond to them.Keep an eye on whether you get enough sleep.Control how your mood reflects on your will and eating habits.And so much more!If any of the following describes you, then this is the book for you!Tired of being overweight/obeseWant to achieve permanent fat loss effortlesslyDont want to be lied to anymoreWant to understand your body dynamics and monitor small changesWant to know what works best for you;Why waste time? Get a copy if you are ready to lose weight for good!;