Yerba Prima Organic Psyllium Whole Husks 12 oz

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Gentle Soothing Fiber. For Regularity. For Heart Health. Certified Gluten-Free. Lab Non GMO Tested. USDA Organic. Organic Psyllium Husks from Yerba Prima, the natural fiber pioneer since 1980. Great for Regularity and Colon Health! Psyllium husks promote easy, healthy elimination and sweep waste out of the colon more quickly. Psyllium husks provide gentle fiber to soothe and normalize the bowel when there is discomfort. To maintain regularity and colon health, take 1 to 3 servings a day, with meals or between meals. Great for Weight Maintenance! Dietary fiber plays an important role in weight loss and maintaining healthy weight. High fiber foods like psyllium husks help promote satiety (a feeling of fullness). To support weight maintenance, take 1 to 3 servings a day, shortly before meals or with meals. Great for Heart Health! To help support heart health, take2 servings a day, with meals. Great for Low Carb Diets, High Protein Diets, Gluten Free Diets!

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