Zahler Chapter One Sleep Gummies 60 Gummies

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Chapter One S is for Sleep. With Sleep-Regulating Melatonin. Flavored Gummies. Chapter One Kosher Sleep Gummies for kids contain melatonin, which supports restful and quality sleep. Melatonin is produced naturally in the body, however many factors can hinder the body’s ability to naturally produce melatonin. Our ideal formula provides melatonin in a delicious tasting gummy to help children fall asleep faster for an uninterrupted good night’s sleep. Advanced Health. Optimal Health: Chapter One Sleep Gummies contain melatonin, which supports restful and quality sleep. Simply Delicious: Kid tested, Mom approved. Dietary Supplements in fun-flavored gummies, Chapter One Sleep Gummies provide children with a great blend of ingredients in a great tasting gummy which will have them begging for more. Kosher Certified: Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Sh. Stern and the Orthodox Union. Free Of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten, soy and eggs. Made In The USA and manufactured in a GMP certified facility. What’s Inside? Each gummy includes:. Melatonin: which supports restful and quality sleep. Chapter One:. G is for Gummies. The first chapter in a lifelong commitment to good nutrition. Chapter One Gummies line is designed to ease little ones into a lifetime of nutrition with delicious tasting, attractive and fun gummy vitamins. Our G is for Gummies line provides parents an accessible line of vitamins easy to get past little ones lips. With good nutrition being so crucial during a childs formative years, our gummies make it super simple to fill in the gaps of nutritional deficits, providing children with the boost they need for healthy growth and development.

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